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RTEmagicC_8e52095663.jpgRedefining Team Development

The persolog Team Dynamics Model

Improve your cooperation within the team. The persolog Team Dynamics Model will help you to turn groups into teams that cooperate with awareness and efficiency.

› Together. Know your contribution to the team’s success.
› Achieve. Improve communication.
› Success. Work out proactive strategies for everyday life.

Make use of dynamics.

Steer the variety of your team’s activities and driving force efficiently. Recognize the personal potential of your team members and optimize working processes accordingly.

Avoid an allocation of roles.

Grafik_TeamThe flexibility of the model   prevents that team members are allocated static roles. In contrast to other models, different behavioral patterns are allocated.

Count on practical methods.

With the help of the persolog Team Dynamics Model you will be able to develop situational solutions through the PEPE process. The pragmatic methods provide a basis for independent use in everyday life.

Make use of the diverse scopes of application.

Our model can always be applied when people work together. Management, HR managers, trainers, team leaders and team members are using our scientific model.

Rely on scientific concepts.

The persolog Team Dynamics Model is based on behavioral research by Prof. John G. Geier. The research team of Dr. phil. Lana Ott developed the suitable tool on the basis of organizational and work psychology.

Certification for the persolog Team Dynamics Model

Acquire the target-oriented methods in the certification for the persolog Team Dynamics Model. For certifications in English, please contact us!

Learning tools for the persolog Team Dynamics Model

  • persolog Team Dynamics Profile (Danish, German)
  • persolog Team Dynamics Profile short version (German)
  • Action planner for successful teamwork (Danish, French, German, Italian)