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Scientific quality is important to us

persolog represents the individual and transparent development of people. Our self-conception and, therefore, our work is based on several main principles:

Values give us direction.

How is a human being, how are we made? Fortunately, this is not easy to define. There are a lot more people than suitable pigeonholes. It is precisely this variety of facets in people that fascinates us. Each individual has strengths, potential, limitations. The common denominator of our learning tools is to get to know these characteristics, to evaluate them correctly, to develop and to use them. The focus is never on mere economic targets in the near future. Values and dignity are main concepts for us which have to be protected and promoted.  We have made the experience that this principle has positive effects also on an economic long-term basis.

We bind ourselves to quality.

More than 45 years of scientific research by Prof. Dr. Geier, his associates and persolog have been put into our models. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on continually assessing each model statistically. The persolog Personality Factor Model, for example, has been continuously evaluated with regard to reliability and validity. As a supplier of personality tests we carry out separate, representative studies in cooperation with the University Koblenz/Landau, Germany.

The high quality standard we set ourselves for our models and material is also applied to our internal processes. In June 2004 was the first time we were certified with the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Customer-orientation, quality standards and constant development of quality management are only several of the criteria confirmed by inspectors.

The quality of our learning instruments is appreciated at a global level. Most of our products are available in many different languages. International certification of our partners ensure expertise of persolog trainers also abroad.

We speak about data protection.

You should always feel at ease when using our online products also with regard to your personal data. It can be taken for granted that we adhere to the regulations of the German Federal Data Privacy Code.

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