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RTEmagicC_1b53db71c6.jpgLiving and working productively with stress.

The  persolog Stress Model

Learn how to deal efficiently with stress. The persolog Stress Model will help you to analyze your stress dose as well as your behavior under stress. You will identify your stress potential  and learn how to prevent negative stress.

› Strengthen. Reflect about your personal stressors.
› Stress. Optimize your stress-related attitude.
› Resistance. Learn how to deal with stress.

Start with your behavior.

The reaction to stress is as individual as human beings. Therefore, the persolog Stress Model combines the analysis of stressors with the analysis of individual stress-related behavior. On this basis you will develop a way to deal adequately with stress.

Stress-Grafik✔ Choose whether you want to evaluate private or work-related stressors
✔ Perceive individual stress-related behavior
✔ Understand connections
✔ Develop long-term stress management strategies
✔ Activate stress management resources
✔ Practice productive ways of dealing with stress

Profit from stress.

Learn to turn negative, counter-productive stress into positive productive stress. Do not only identify your stressors. Learn also to understand your stress-related behavior, develop stress competence and make use of stress as a driving force.

Integrate the individual sphere.

In contrast to other models the persolog Stress Model does not only offer a company-wide stress analysis. Individual and often diverging points of view of the same stressor are also taken into consideration.

Develop practical methods.

With the persolog Stress Model you do not merely fight against stress symptoms. You can determine their individual causes and develop a long-term management strategy for everyday life.

Discover a variety of application scopes.

Apart from the work-related stress our model also focuses on private stressors. Therefore, it can be applied in organizational health management, for private stress analysis, in trainings and individual measures. It can also be integrated into existing concepts.

Draw on scientific sources.

The persolog Stress Model is based on the behavioral research by Prof. John G. Geier and goes back to recent stress research, such as by Lazarus, Kaluza and Fromm. On this basis Dr. phil. Lana Ott and  Renate Wittmann ((MA/education) developed a pragmatic learning tool.

Seminars for the persolog Stress Model

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