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Develop Organizations
through People!

RTEmagicC_2cfaba4af8.jpgLeading and developing yourself with more self-awareness

The persolog Self-Leadership Model

Reach your goals. The persolog Self-Leadership Model will help you to activate and strengthen your mental potential and focus on moving towards your goals.

› Lead. Recognize your personal self-leadership skills.
› Self. Recognize your potential for development.
› Confidently. Lead in self-responsibility and with self-initiative.

Deal with tensions.

Whether at work or in private life: differences between external and personal expectations create tension within us. Learn how to overcome these discrepancies.

Conquer your weaker self.

RTEmagicC_Self_leadership.jpgBreak through unconscious self-imposed limitations and gain more flexibility, willpower and self-motivation to increase your personal performance.

Development in its entirety.

The persolog Self-Leadership Model has a focus on striving for authenticity which includes cognitive, emotional, behavioral and mental skills.

Count on scientific expertise.

The persolog Self-Leadership Model was developed in cooperation with   Prof. Dr. Günter F. Müller of the University Koblenz-Landau, Germany. It is based on concepts of social, work, industrial and organizational psychology.

Certification for the persolog Self-Leadership Model

Embrace the focused methods of the persolog Self-Leadership Model and learn how to integrate it into your own concepts. For certifications in English, please contact us!

Learning tools for the persolog Self-Leadership Model

  • persolog Self-Leadership Profile (German, French)